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Post Grads & Interns

Main Line Therapy Solutions, LLC


MLTS is dedicated to helping and preparing pre-licensed clinicians and graduate students to become experienced and qualified independent clinicians.  Through providing them with supervised experience, we help to ensure that they become competent, well-qualified clinicians that are able to learn and utilize a multitude of therapeutic approaches in order to meet the varied needs of their clients.  MLTS places a strong emphasis on providing solid, quality care to all clients so only our most experienced and senior licensed clinicians supervise our post graduates and interns to ensure clients are still receiving the same standard of excellence our clients have come to expect from our practice. Services provided by pre-licensed clinicians and interns are not reimbursed through insurance, but we do offer such services at a reduced fee based on the clinician’s level of experience and amount of weekly supervised hours.  All of our post-graduates and students have had several years of previous mental health experience prior to joining our practice.

Jeanette Herrington, Clinical Social Work Intern - Haverford

Jeanette Herrington is currently a Master of Social Work candidate at Temple University. She works with clients of all ages with various presenting issues, with a particular emphasis on anxiety and depression in the context of trauma and adversity. Jeanette also has a strong interest in working with LGBTQ+ adolescents/adult community.  Prior to her graduate training, Jeanette worked for many years in residential homes and schools counseling adolescents and young adults who experience significant life challenges. She has also worked with women in transition as a mentor with the Center Foundation in Media, PA. Jeanette identifies strongly with the National Association of Social Work code of ethics, in that social justice and inclusivity are central to treatment. Her therapeutic approach emphasizes emotion-focused coping, interpersonal processes and skill development, and pragmatic strategies for navigating adversity and complex life circumstances. Jeanette’s strengths-based approach seeks to help clients find their personal power to achieve their life goals.

Gwenn Prinbeck, Clinical Social Work Intern - Haverford

Gwenn is a graduate student of Bryn Mawr College School of Social Services and Social Research in their clinical track program completing her 2022-23 clinical internship at Main Line Therapy Solutions.

Gwenn works with individuals, couples, and groups with a wide range of presenting symptoms and desires for themselves. Gwenn embraces and supports the importance of people’s self-identification and welcomes working with LGBTQIA+ and BIPOC individuals.  Pulling from a range of experiential, structural and strategic approaches to therapy, Gwenn’s approach is collaborative and compassionate. Gwenn trusts that growth and strength can be outcomes of adversity and seeks to help clients identify what they want from themselves and what internal and collective resources are needed to move forward. 

Although new to the world of social work and clinical therapy, Gwenn has served for over eight years as a certified Professional Life Coach in her own entrepreneurial business. Focusing on helping caregivers take better care of themselves, Gwenn helps people create lives that are more sustainable, satisfying, and aligned with their inner sense of self. 

Charles Scott, MA, PC - Haverford

While completing his internship at MLTS, Charles worked as a behavioral aid at Upper Merion Middle School. After completing his internship, he joined MLTS full-time.  Charles has an extensive background in biofeedback, working for 8 years in a psychology practice with adults and adolescents as a biofeedback clinician. He attended Shippensburg University on a Football scholarship where he received his undergraduate degree in Sociology, and went on to complete his master’s degree in Counseling Psychology from Rosemont College.  Charles uses a solution-focused approach while incorporating cognitive-behavioral strategies, relaxation / breathing exercises, and mindfulness meditation tools.  Charles remains active in various sports and brings this additional knowledge to work with individuals around sports performance issues and in helping others learn how to balance and maintain a healthy lifestyle that promotes both mental and physical well-being.

Katrina Selverian, PhD, MSW - Lafayette Hill

Katrina received her doctorate in psychology from Fordham University and is completing her postdoctoral fellowship at MLTS. She has worked in multiple settings including outpatient psychiatry, community mental health, and college counseling centers. She practices primarily from a psychodynamic and relational perspective, with a multicultural lens. Katrina earned a master’s degree in Clinical Social Work from the University of Pennsylvania, which created a foundation for her social justice-oriented approach to therapy. She believes that a strong and safe relationship is necessary for meaningful therapeutic work, and she focuses on authenticity, compassion, empathy, and collaboration with her clients. Katrina works with individuals focused on self-esteem, multicultural or bicultural identity, attachment-related and familial concerns, trauma, intergenerational trauma, BIPOC and LGBTQ+ identities, anxiety, and depression.

Emily Zubriski, B.B.A., Clinical Psychology Graduate Student - Haverford

Emily works with clients of all ages with a wide variety of presenting issues. Emily utilizes a strengths-based, person-centered approach to therapy. She loves to empower clients and is passionate about creating a safe space to process emotions. Her clinical practice is founded in trauma-informed and social- and racial justice-informed approaches to treatment.

After many years as a corporate accountant, Emily recently returned to school to pursue her Master’s Degree in Clinical and Counseling Psychology at Chestnut Hill College, where she is in her second year. Prior to joining MLTS, Emily worked as a program support specialist for an adolescent eating disorder partial hospitalization program. In addition to her internship, Emily works as a crisis counselor to support victims of domestic violence at the Domestic Abuse Project of Delaware County.

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