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Psychotherapy can relieve symptoms of depression and anxiety, but it also has the potential to promote emotional growth and health, improve confidence, raise self esteem and insight, and lead to the ability to make positive behavioral changes that can improve mood, performance and relationships.

The therapeutic relationship and the therapeutic environment are both important factors in determining treatment success. It is important for the client to share a trusting relationship with the therapist in an environment in which s/he feels safe and secure. Privacy and confidentiality are vital to the development of a successful therapeutic relationship.  At times a release of information might be recommended when information is needed for continuity of care.  Such information can only be released with an authorization signed by the client. When working with children under the age of 14, confidentiality is still of utmost importance.  Parents are provided with general updates on progress toward goals unless the child gives consent to discuss more sensitive information. Although some parents are uncomfortable not having access to ALL treatment information regarding their child's sessions, it is important for children to feel safe to disclose information in an environment where there is no concern that the information can come back to impact them negatively. Adults and children alike require the freedom to express thoughts and feelings in an environment that is accepting, nonjudgmental, and one in which negative consequences do not result. This safe, holding environment gives clients the freedom to explore emotions and behavior and is conducive to making better decisions regarding future change.  In situations in which a child's safety is at risk, parents will be notified so appropriate steps can be taken to assure the child's well-being.

Although Psychotherapy can alleviate and successfully manage many symptoms, occasionally additional support services are necessary for successful treatment. When this situation arises, clinicians work with you to assist in making appropriate referrals and with your permission and signed release, will collaborate with other professionals involved in your treatment. Sometimes these professionals include Psychiatrists, Primary Care Physicians, Neurologists, Nutritionists, etc.. Collaboration and ongoing communication among treatment professionals is important in terms of continuity of care.  Permission for such communication should be given serious consideration.

Comprehensive Evaluations can be provided to address the following concerns:  Developmental Delays, Intellectual Ability, Specific Learning Disabilities, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Attention Problems (ADHD), Executive Functioning Skills, 504 Accommodations such as extended time on testing, Social and Behavioral Adjustment problems, Gifted Evaluations, and more.

Main Line Therapy Solutions offers comprehensive psychological and educational testing for students from preschool through graduate school.   Such assessments are individualized to address the referral concerns, to answer questions pertaining to the particular academic issues facing the student and to offer detailed recommendations for the school and home environments.