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Our Assessment Division at Main Line Therapy Solutions offers evaluation services for diagnostic, educational and treatment planning purposes.  Our evaluators are all school certified and have a doctorate in either Psychology or Neuropsychology.  We also have practicum students who can provide cognitive assessments that are supervised by a licensed psychologist that we can offer for a reduced fee. Evaluations are completed in a comfortable atmosphere with offices that are child friendly to help provide a less stressful evaluation experience for all age ranges. We can assess for learning disabilities, intellectual and gifted assessments, attentional difficulties and executive functioning skills, autism spectrum disorders, and 504 accommodations such as the need for extended time, and behavioral and/or social adjustment.  
Assessments typically require 1-3 meetings.  Once the evaluation has been completed and a report generated, the evaluator will review the testing results in detail in order to explain findings, make recommendations and provide families with an opportunity to ask any questions they might have. Results can also be reviewed with the child completing such an evaluation, if desired. 
MLTS also provides overflow testing within various school settings.  Please contact our office with any questions.

Diagnostic, Behavioral & Developmental Assessments & Psychoeducational Evaluations

Main Line Therapy Solutions offers comprehensive psychological and educational testing for students from preschool through graduate school.  Such assessments are individualized to address the referral concerns, to answer questions pertaining to the particular academic issues facing the student and to offer detailed recommendations for the school and home environments.

Comprehensive Evaluations can be provided to address the following concerns:  Developmental Delays, Intellectual Ability, Specific Learning Disabilities, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Attention Problems (ADHD), Executive Functioning Skills, 504 Accommodations such as extended time on testing, Social and Behavioral Adjustment problems, Gifted Evaluations, and more.

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